Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct Project is an initiative of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and ECPAT International and UNICEF, developed both in countries of origin and destination countries of tourism. It seeks the participation and commitment of the tourism industry to discourage and punish the commercial sexual exploitation of girls, boys and adolescents associated with travel and tourism.

About Sex Tourism

Child sex tourism is defined as the sexual exploitation of a minor by a person or persons who engages in sexual activities with the minor, while traveling outside their country or region. Usually these types of activities include some form of payment - either in cash or in kind such as food, clothing, etc.

The problem

In general terms, the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Boys, Girls and Adolescents (CSEC) has been recognized as a global phenomenon that impacts millions of minors every year in countries on all continents. This exploitation occurs mainly in Southeast Asia, Latin America, Africa and in Eastern Europe. The Western world is the one that most demands sex with minors.

In Costa Rica, there is great concern, so the Tourism Industry has taken a very energetic position of zero tolerance to protect children and adolescents from commercial sexual exploitation. So they have come together to promote the incorporation of the CODE OF CONDUCT in tourism companies to face this problem.

Ethical Policy

Budget Car Rental is committed to implementing the following measures:

  1. Implement corporate ethical policies against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of minors.
  2. Train our staff on company guidelines and policies regarding the protection of minors against Commercial Sexual Exploitation and act as preventive agents in this problematic area.
  3. Introduce clauses in contracts with suppliers, maintaining our repudiation of the sexual exploitation of minors.
  4. Provide information to clients through catalogs, brochures, the website and other means.
  5. Provide information to local "key people" in different destinations.
  6. Report annually on the actions of the company with respect to this project.

Currently the Code of Conduct is in an institutionalization process, through which it will be assumed by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) as the governing body of tourism in the country, with the collaboration of the National Chamber of Tourism (CANATUR ) and technical support from the Paniamor Foundation.

For additional information, please contact:

Paniamor Foundation
info @
Phone: (+506) 234-2993
Fax: (+506) 234-2956


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