Quality, Environment and Social Responsibility Policy of Budget Costa Rica

In 2005 Budget Costa Rica was certified under the international standard ISO 9001 and later in 2008 it was re-certified with the new version ISO 9001: 2008.

"At Budget Car Rental we assume the commitment to continuously improve the processes and services we provide to achieve a high level of quality and satisfaction of our customers, this through a Quality Management System and a Corporate Social Responsibility that ensures the efficiency of our operations, the adequate training of our personnel, the interests of society and achieving the expectations of growth, competitiveness and profitability. "

Social Dimension

Committed to society and caring for the environment, aware of the impact of our activities resulting from the provision of the service.

Environmental Dimension

We have developed initiatives in an environmental dimension aimed at complying with the 5Rs of ecology, REDUCE, COLLECT, RECOVER, RECYCLE, AND REUSE.

Economic Dimension

Financial Performance "We are committed to the value of Profitability:

If we are able to generate an adequate level of benefits, we can sustainably maintain a positive form, in economic, social or ecological matters."

Each of the projects, resources, technology and innovation has been reviewed and evaluated using profitability financial metrics and standards that ensure the well-being of our suppliers, shareholders, creditors and the internal public.

Governance We have codes of corporate governance and conduct; that allows us to be clear about the responsibilities of our shareholders and directors.
We manage our company based on values, always seeking professional ethics and respect for the laws of the country.

Human Dimension

Involvement of the family nucleus : Our people are the pillar of our success, therefore each of our workers represents a family worthy of receiving merits for understanding and supporting the work that they carry out day by day, that is why we have recognition and involvement programs by and for the company.



Budget Rent a Car

For more than 40 years Centriz Costa Rica S.A. has represented the Budget Car Rental brand in Costa Rica, maintaining high quality standards and excellent service.


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Long Term

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