Welcome to Zipcar, an innovative corporate system, designed to solve your need of transportation automatically and self-sufficient, book a car for the hours you need including coverages and fuel.

You only need to complete the following 4 steps and soon you will be traveling calmly with Budget Sharing.


  • For rent only for the time you need.
  • Eco-friendly vehicle: share car reduces emissions.
  • Easily accessible so you take your time: the car is in the parking lot of your office of work center and can book from your computer or cell phone 24/7. No worries, everything is included.


Step 1 Register:

Register online by filling out the form located in Budget Zipcar.



We will confirm your data and email.
You will also receive a welcome email which indicates the link where reservations are made.


Step 2 Welcome email and confirmation register:

Go to the link that indicates your e-mail of welcome and make the reservation from your computer or cell phone.

Remember you can book by the hours you need from the comfort of your office, home or wherever you are.



Step 3 Enter the software:



Step 4 Reserve and/or hire:



Basic rules of Budget Zipcar

In collaboration with users of Budget Sharing is possible to always obtain a vehicle suitable for your enjoyment, therefore, we invite you to check the following basic rules:

 Report any damage:

Before leaving, we recommend checking the interior and exterior of the vehicle. If you find any damage, dirt, or vehicle out of fuel, please report it on the website prior to the rental agreement.

 Keep the vehicle clean:

When you are done using the vehicle, be sure not to leave trash or personal belongings.

 No Smoking:

Smoking is not allowed inside the vehicle.

 Please return it on time:

It is important to leave the vehicle in the same place where it was collected, if for some reason you cannot deliver it on time, an extension of the reservation must be made.

 Animals are not allowed:

It is not allowed to enter the vehicle with animals.



  • Applied in companies located in the following zones: Zona Franca Metropolitana, Trilogía, and Avenida Escazú.
  • Requires prior signature of corporate contract.
  • Available rental vehicles Toyota Yaris, Bego, Rav4, and Corolla.

What to do in case of accident?

  • Immediately call the 800-Qualitas insurance.
  • Reporting at Budget (800-24 hours) and take pictures on the situation.
  • Call traffic police at 911 to raise part of the transit.
  • Prohibited make “Settlements”.

Contact Us

Lizeth Corea

Tel: 2436-2069
Tel: 2436-2072



Budget Rent a Car

For more than 40 years Centriz Costa Rica S.A. has represented the Budget Car Rental brand in Costa Rica, maintaining high quality standards and excellent service.


Zipcar is the smartest way to get around town, it provides access to vehicles in different locations. You simply have to reserve the car for a few hours or days, at a reduced price. Everything from the self-managed service with the Zipcar Costa Rica App.

Long Term

RENTING is your best choice to have a zero miles vehicle without worrying about maintenance, insurance coverage, road taxes, RTV, replacement car, among others.