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 A Taste of Costa Rica: Fine Dining for Couples

Welcome to Budget’s guide on everything fancy and delicious in Costa Rica. We’ve known you’ve done all thestunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and diverse wildlife. But there’s more to this beautiful country than all that, and you know it. Let’s guide you on a gastronomic adventure through some of the finest dining establishments all across the…

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Where To Brunch in Jaco, Costa Rica: a Budget Guide

Welcome to Jaco! The vibrant coastal town on the Pacific Ocean, popular amongst surfers, and also filled with plenty of activities for families. Don’t forget to enjoy the delicious brunch options the town has to offer, we’d be willing to bet it is one of the towns with the most brunching options in the whole…

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Wellness Retreat in Costa Rica: Reconnect and Recharge with Your Partner

Costa Rica, with its lush rainforests, pristine beaches, and serene wellness retreats, is the perfect destination for couples in their 50s and beyond seeking to reconnect and recharge. Whether you’ve visited the country before or it’s your first time, Costa Rica offers an array of experiences that cater to mature travelers. With a rental car…

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Best Hotels for Teens and Parents in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a dream destination for families, whether you’re a parent looking for an unforgettable getaway with your teenagers or you’re embarking on a family adventure, finding the right accommodations can make all the difference – especially when traveling with young soon-to-be adults. To help you plan the perfect vacation, we’ve compiled a list…

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 Our Budget Fleet: the perfect fit for your Costa Rican plans

Welcome, Budget Adventurer! To help you select the perfect vehicle for your Costa Rican journey, we’ll guide you through the available options and recommend where each one shines. Whether you’re headed to the city, beach, mountains, or beyond, Budget has the right car for you.  These compact cars are perfect for city explorations like San…

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San José, Costa Rica with teenagers: the Do’s and Don’ts

San Jose, the vibrant capital of Costa Rica, welcomes Budget Adventurers of all ages all day, every day. But, for families with 18+ teenagers, San José’s nightlife scene becomes un unmissable, immersive experience.  Don’t know where to go? We’ve got you!  For Budget Travelers seeking an unforgettable experience, the city offers a variety of options…

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The Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica: Our Top 10 for a family adventure

The Caribbean coast of Costa Rica holds a treasure trove of adventure and natural beauty, perfect for families with small children. Limón, with its vibrant culture, pristine beaches, and turquoise waters, offers an ideal setting for an unforgettable family vacation. If you’re a Budget Adventurer arriving in Limón with the fam, this guide for you….

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You, your friends, and Monteverde

Welcome to Monteverde! We are so happy the trip made it out of the Whatsapp group! Monteverde, a lush and enchanting destination in Costa Rica, beckons Budget Adventurers and groups of friends to immerse themselves in its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture. With our rentals, you and your friends can embark on a thrilling journey…

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Five Star Hotels in Costa Rica: Where To Stay For Adventurers Seeking to Relax 

Sometimes, it seems like you’ve done it all in Costa Rica, or it may feel like it for you at the moment. And after careful consideration, you have finally decided to stay at a five star hotel instead of the usual adventure – we get it! Who wouldn’t have to stay at an all-inclusive, world-renowned…

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Costa Rica with Teenagers: Tips and Tricks for a Successful Family Vacation

Welcome all families ready for an adventure! Welcome to the lush and vibrant land of Costa Rica! If you’re planning a family vacation with teenagers in town, you’re in for an unforgettable experience – but they may not be as thrilled as you, and this is your guide to hype them up before your upcoming…