Protection Plans Coverage

Enjoy Costa Rica without worries with Budget Car Rental

These optional coverage plans protect you against any damage or theft to your rental vehicle, and are available for an additional daily charge. As with any optional coverare or protection plan, smart renters will want to do some research before purchasing these options.


Supplemental Liability Protection (SLI)

Costa Rica’s Paradise does not cover damage to third parties.

Supplemental Liability Protection (SLI) is a highly recommended in Costa Rica to basic liability. This only covers if the driver is declared guilty by a court or if the drivers accepts fault.

When SLI is purchased:

  • Liability protection provided by Budget and the SLI carrier becomes primary, and applies before other liability protection available to you.
  • You probably won’t have to call upon your other protection unless the loss exceeds the SLI limit or results from your use of the vehicle in violation of the terms of the rental agreement.

Super Collision Damage Waiver (LDW)

Your totally carefree trip!

If this cover is accepted, in case of damages or accident (not include accessories, tires, overturning or theft to the vehicle) the client pays no amounts as deductible.

This coverage will take effect only if the client presents all proper documents which include, but not limited to: police traffic ticket, insurance claim form, and the personal statement to proper transit court. If the client decline this coverage, will be responsible to pay for all damages to the rented vehicle up to the full value of the car.

This coverage does not include towing services, expenses or vandalism (this includes partial theft).

Personal Accident and Effects (PAE)

Don’t worry for any eventuality!

If I accept personal protection option (PAE), I would be protected from injury or accidental death up to the sum of  ₡ 25,000,000 (approximately $ 50,000) per person injured or deceased, whether or not it is the responsibility of the driver, with no deductible; in case of accidental medical expenses, it will cover up ₡ 5,000,000 (approximately $ 9,000) per event regardless of the number of passengers, with a deductible of 10% in medical-surgical, pharmaceutical, rehabilitation, for coverage of partial or complete disability as a result of an accident as occupant of the rented vehicle.


Budget Rent a Car

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Long Term

RENTING is your best choice to have a zero miles vehicle without worrying about maintenance, insurance coverage, road taxes, RTV, replacement car, among others.