Traveling is always an adventure, we all eagar for those days of discovering. New places, new people, new roads, it is all ahead to find and build a great new experience. With all of those expectations, we can’t leave everything left to fate. Part of having an unforgettable experience is not having to deal with unexpected problems, especially if you are in a foreing country.

This is why, picking the best cars to travel is key to enjoying your trip to its fullest. When traveling in Costa Rica, you might encounter all kinds of roads, cities, towns and nature, therefore, you should be ready for it.

Finding the proper vehicule to fit your plans must be on your to do list before any trip. With that in mind, here is a list of things to consider if you are traveling abroad and thinking about renting a car:

  • Think about the space

If you’re planning on traveling for a few days and staying in different points, you must consider how many people are traveling with you, but also how much luggage are they taking with them. 

  • Contemplate de climate

When traveling to an unknown land you should keep your mind open to the locals’ recommendations. A big storm might not mean the same for everyone. Keep that in mind and choose a car appropriate for the local climate.

  • Consider the amenities

Not all cars offer the same amenities, check the AC, the seats and the trunk.

  • Check the roads you are planning to take

You will be driving on unknown roads, and in some places the roads might not be the most friendly. Sometimes you will have to drive on a narrow road, sometimes on a dirt road or even in the mountains, which might be a little hard for those who have never driven in the mountains.

  • Pick cars meant to travel

Some cars are made to enjoy the roads, and those are always the best choice.

Once you made up your mind about what kind of car you want to drive, reach to Budget, and we will guide you to the perfect car for your adventure.

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