Costa Rica is a piece of heaven on earth, the natural richness of its coast is a unique scenario and everyone who wants to visit some of the most beautiful places of Central America can have a complete experience just by taking the roads of Costa Rica.

From coast to coast, Costa Rica offers one amazing landscape after another. You can enjoy the sunrise on the east coast and the sunset on the west coast on the same day. In the middle, an incredible amount of diverse and beautiful natural places and cultural experiences to discover.

The geography of the country makes it perfect for a road trip. The country has a lot of natural and cultural diversity in a little space. You can drive on the Coast of the Pacific and cross to the Caribbean Coast in a couple of hours.

Some places to visit while taking the roads on Costa Rica

There are a few points that you shouldn’t miss if you are making a road trip in Costa Rica. This are a must:

  • Puerto Viejo
  • Manuel Antonio
  • Tamarindo
  • La Fortuna

But, beyond these classics, there are also some less known but still incredible places you can discover.


If you are an animal lover you probably know that Costa Rica has the most diverse fauna around and there are many ways to enjoy it. You can visit a national park or just wait for the birds to sit on your window.

But, if you are looking for a really different experience you might want to schedule your trip somewhen from June to September. At this time of the year you will have the opportunity to do volunteer work to take care of the nesting of the turtles and see how they make their journey between the beach and the sea. A one in a lifetime experience only available in Tortuguero.

The Bribri indigenous refuge

In the Talamanca region you can find the Bribri indigenous refuge, a cultural marvel where you might get surrounded by natives who still speak the Bribri language, live from fishing and hunting, and have their own farming process. 

Besides, they have many handmade crafts available for those who visit them. From jewelry to music instruments.

You might need some help to get there, but it’s a stop worth doing if you  enjoy getting in touch with the local culture.

The Poas Volcano

If you are a landscape hunter you must not miss the opportunity of hiking to the top of the Poas Volcano.

There, you will have the view of one of the largest craters on earth. The natural beauty of the entire track is otherworldly. The crater is usually erupting and in the way you might enjoy the Botos Lagoon. The views of this trip will stick with you forever, don’t mess the chance.

Beyond the classics, having this other kind of pin on your trip will make this experience unforgettable. With Budget by your side you will reach the most exciting places in Central America.

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