Since the pandemic we got used to having everything within the reach of our hands. The services industries developed all kinds of tools for our mobiles to make our lives easier. And we have to admit that some of us love the possibility of being more independent at the moment of dealing with things.

If you like to be in charge and not depending on someone else’s, an app like this will make your day. 

Our self service app is available for iOS and Android and has many benefits. Let’s see what it is about.

You can find the app as “Budget Self Service Costa Rica” if you are an iOS user, or as “Budget Costa Rica” on the Playstore if you are an Android user.

This app allows you to manage your reservations from beginning to end, without having to go through the counter of our offices avoiding queues. 

This way, you will be able to manage your time and have a more personal and independent experience with all the benefits  of choosing  a company like Budget.

Write your own story while driving the best rental cars of Costa Rica with the freedom that only our self service app can offer.

As easy and simple as opening and closing the cart from the App!

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