The extras that Budget offers you for an extra pleasant and safe trip

While planning a trip to a foreing country, some insecurities might come to mind. The moment of picking and renting a car is not an exception. If the time to rent a car comes and you are still struggling with some doubts, you should check the extras that Budget offers you for an extra pleasant and safe trip.

The optional coverage plans that Budget has to offer, protect you from any damage that might occur in your rental vehicle, and they are available for an additional daily charge. If you want to travel safef, you might want to check out what our extra coverage plans are about.

  • Supplemental Liability Protection (SLI)

This coverage offers basic protection that covers situations in which the driver is found guilty or declares itself guilty of causing an incident. 

The supplemental liability protection (SLI) is applied in the first instance before other types of coverage that you have contracted, avoiding the need to resort to them, except if there is an excess in the coverage limit or a use of the vehicle that is not contemplated. in the rental agreement.

  • Supplemental Liability Protection (LDW)

Don’t worry, be happy. This protección will have your back in any circumstances. With this coverage you will not have to pay anything in case of damage or accidents. To make use of this insurance, it is necessary for the driver to present all the relevant documentation. 

It does not include accessories, tires, overturning, theft of the vehicle, crane service or its cost, or vandalism.

  • Accidents and personal effects (PAE)

With this coverage each person will be protected against accidents and death for a total of approximately 50,000 dollars, whether or not the driver is responsible. In case of medical expenses, it offers coverage of up to approximately 9,000 dollars, with a 10% deductible in medical, surgical or pharmaceutical rehabilitation, in addition to coverage for partial or total disability for all passengers involved in an accident.

Besides these insurances options, Budget also offers extra services and equipment for a little daily additional, such as:

  • Additional driver (Who must be over 25 years old and have a valid license).
  • Child seat. (Available for kids up to 20 pounds)
  • GPS
  • Roadside service. (24/7 assistance in case you lost your keys, a flat tire, a dead battery or any other unexpected situation)
  • Mobile Internet 

Keeping these extras that Budget offers you in mind will make your trip extra pleasant and will keep you safe. So don’t forget to check them while renting the vehicle for your next adventure.

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