Oh, spending a few days on the Caribbean beaches, with perfect weather, crystal clear waters, and soft sand…

Costa Rica is one of the best destinations you can choose. Besides the beautiful beaches, you’ll find jungles, mountains, volcanoes, and cities full of culture. If you are looking for a place to spend a few days of fun, adventure, and rest, Costa Rica is the ideal place for you.

However, there is something a little tricky about Costa Rica: moving from one place to another is not always easy. The country lacks a quality transportation system, and although public transportation may take you everywhere, it’s not recommended for being slow and uncomfortable. 

That’s why your best option is to rent a car, and what better choice than Budget?

With your rented car you will be able to travel the country at your time, with the safest itinerary and a personalized road. However, you should take some things into consideration about renting a car when traveling to Costa Rica.

  • Driving

Consider that you will be driving through new cities that have their own rhythm, and in the outskirts, you will be able to find dirt roads, so it’s best to plan your route well and do it with time.

  • The weather

The weather in Costa Rica is very changeable. That can be intimidating, but there’s no need to worry: only remember to check the weather forecast a couple of times a day and bring what you need for the different climates.

  • Traffic problems

The roads have improved in recent years but are still rough, and traffic jams are common.

For this, we recommend the Waze app, which indicates alternative routes to free you from traffic jams. Google Maps can work too.

What else can I do?

Although public transportation works fine in Costa Rica, it’s not for tourists. The buses make so many stops that the ride ends up really slow. It’s uncomfortable, and the trip becomes really heavy.

Luckily, Interbus is another good transportation option in Costa Rica if you don’t feel like driving. 

When we are on vacation, we want to enjoy traveling in a nice and direct way to reach the best tourist spots without problems. Therefore, we recommend Interbus, the biggest shuttle company that offers comfortable tourist transport with accessible prices and the best tourist destinations.

But for road trip lovers…

Traveling by car in Costa Rica is always a comfortable, flexible, and safe option. The best recommendation we can offer you is that you start your trips early in the morning and try to avoid rush hours.

With Budget Rent a Car, you have vehicles of the most recent generations with many different options, so you can choose the ideal vehicle for you and start your adventure through Costa Rica.

Travel comfortably and safely, travel with Budget.

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