Costa Rica’s two seasons are dry (summer) and rainy (winter) Today we are focussing on winter, also known as the “green season” which lasts from May through November. 

The summer months are certainly more popular with tourists but the rainy season has its charm. Even though the best season to visit Costa Rica is whenever you can, today we are going to share with you 3 benefits of coming to Costa Rica during the green season!

3 benefits of traveling to Costa Rica during the green season

#1 Green all around

There’s nothing more beautiful than watching Costa Rica bloom and grow after a dry, hot summer. Flushes of green start to overtake the scenery as the hills come alive. 

#2 Less Crowds

The green season is a “low” season in Costa Rica. This means fewer tourists on national parks, beaches, and other attractions so you can get more of the natural beauty for yourself. 

#3 Savings

Green season brings savings! You can often get amazing deals on accommodation and other activities. Budget is no exception: find our green season savings when prepaying on our website. 

The green season is a great time to explore Costa Rica! You’ll wake up to sunny mornings and blue skies and showers typically roll in after 2 p.m, the perfect time to grab a cup of coffee and relax. 

Book your car today at and start exploring the wonders of Costa Rica’s green season!

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