When we choose the destination for our next vacation, we think of exotic but quiet places. Magical but natural places. Fun but relaxing places.

Or is it too much to ask?

Well, you can find all of that in Costa Rica.

Following this train of thought, it’s also important to think about how we’ll move wherever we go.

Some people think that to save money, they can explore around on public transportation. Other people think that the most comfortable choice is going by taxi. But the reality is that the best way is to drive your own vehicle.

How is this possible? Choosing Budget Car Rental as your vehicle in Costa Rica.

More and more people are choosing to spend their holidays comfortably and safely, by renting a vehicle.

What are the advantages of renting a car on your vacation?

  • Liberty.

This is the main benefit of choosing Budget during your vacations. You have the freedom to move wherever you want. You can choose to visit the traditional tourist attractions. Or you can go to less crowded places.

You can control your own schedule without depending on other people.

Choose Budget on your vacation in Costa Rica, and it will be easier for you to get around.

  • Security.

When we travel, one of the most important aspects is safety, and renting a vehicle for your vacation gives you the peace of mind that you are safe.

By moving in your own means of transport, you are less exposed and travel guided by GPS.

Budget vehicles are in excellent condition and are well-maintained, so you don’t have to worry about any issues. However, if you have any inconvenience, you can count on us in every part of the process.

When renting your vehicle from Budget, you also have car insurance that protects you in any circumstance.

  • It’s practical.

When renting a car, you can choose the most suitable type of vehicle for your trip. Remember to take into account your own needs.

At Budget you have a variety of cars and vans from which you can choose.

  • There is no cost for maintenance.

When you rent a car you forget about having to pay maintenance costs, and by renting a car with Budget you have our support in the face of any difficulty.

  • It ‘s cheaper.

Being on vacation you have to think about taking a taxi or an uber every day. This generates a large number of expenses. You will end up spending more money in the long run. 

Having your own ride, you’ll save time and money.

We want to offer you the best experience. If you book your car in advance, you will have a 30% discount. Also, we provide you with transportation from the airport to your rented vehicle.

Renting a vehicle on your vacation will always be the best option.

Costa Rica is the ideal place to go on a road trip.

You arrive in Costa Rica, and the adventure begins. Imagine starting your day touring a volcano, like the National Park Arenal, then driving on and on through wild landscapes, until you reach a magnificent beach to see the sunset. 

Choose Budget as your rental car to live a dreamy vacation in Costa Rica, full of adventure and charm. Live the comfort, freedom, and security that having your own vehicle brings you, even when you’re in a foreign land.  

Live the experience of Costa Rica with your own rules. 

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