Costa Rica is a small Central American country with incredible biodiversity. It has tropical forests and coastlines in the Caribbean and Pacific.

San José, the capital of Costa Rica, has famous cultural spaces, such as the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum.  But Costa Rica’s greatest treasure is its natural wonders, such as beaches, jungles, volcanoes, forests, protected parks, and nature reserves. It has a diverse fauna, highlighting species such as the spider monkey and the quetzals.

One of the best ways to visit Costa Rica is through a shuttle service like Interbus.

Why choose Interbus?

Interbus is a shuttle company that operates in Costa Rica and has years of experience in the tourism industry. We’ll give you 5 reasons to choose Interbus.

  • Many options to choose: Interbus offers you more than 180 routes throughout Costa Rica so you can visit the main tourist destinations.
  • Newest fleet: Interbus 15 passenger vans are tailor made to carry no more than 10 travelers and to provide more space and leg room.
  • Excellent drivers: Interbus drivers are constantly trained to provide an excellent and safe experience while traveling through Costa Rica.
  • Nationwide network: Interbus connects Costa Rica from border to border and ocean to ocean to take you safely to the best destinations in Costa Rica.
  • Customized trips: our network allows you to design and customize your itinerary.

Enter our website now and choose your route to tour Costa Rica comfortably, safely and efficiently.

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