United Kingdom’s National Geographic travel magazine recently ranked Costa Rica as one of the best destinations in the world for sustainable tourism.

The conservation of the environment is part of our DNA. Whether it’s by laws or every day actions, sustainability has an important role in Costa Rica. 

What is sustainable tourism?

Sustainable tourism seeks to reduce the environmental impacts of tourism.  It allows tourists to travel to natural destinations with low impact on the country’s environment while contributing to the conservation process.

This model goes beyond recycling, saving energy or treating wastewater. Sustainable tourism works with people in the community, buys local and provides growth opportunities for employees.

Sustainable tourism also provides financial benefits. It generates income and employment while respecting the culture and empowering the locals. 

Sustainable tourism in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has proactively taken actions to become more sustainable in every aspect and tourism is no exception. Tourists can immerse themselves in nature during their visits while contributing to the conservation of the cultural heritage and the natural environment of the country.

From zero-emissions destinations like Monteverde to luxury hotels with initiatives like farm-to-table restaurants that support local producers, Costa Rica offers a wide range of sustainable experiences for all types of travelers. 

Costa Rica also stood out among the most attractive tourist destinations to visit in 2021 in the list “Where to Go in 2021” by the renowned U.S. media Bloomberg. 

The list was made based on the management of the pandemic and travel restrictions. With all of this in mind we hope you choose this amazing country as your vacation destination. 

At Budget Car Rental we are committed to the environmental, social and economic improvement of our community. Our team will be more than welcome to point you in the right direction towards amazing, cultural and sustainable experiences.

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