When traveling to any place, especially if it’s a new destination, one of the traveler’s concerns is how to move from one point to another. By choosing Costa Rica as their next destination, travelers have an excellent option to get around the country. This option is Interbus.

Interbus is a shuttle service that offers more than 180 routes to travel throughout Costa Rica.

Costa Rica has become one of the favorite tourist destinations for people from all over the world. The culture, people, and natural wonders of Costa Rica make anyone fall in love. However, dealing with public transportation can be tricky. That’s why choosing to rent a car or hiring transport services, like Interbus, is the best recommendation.

As we said before, public transport in Costa Rica is not the best option because it is a transport oriented towards residents and not focused on tourists. Public transport makes many stops in various towns, and trips can be long and tiresome.

If you want to travel around Costa Rica in a comfortable, efficient and safe way, your best option is Interbus.

Interbus is the largest shuttle company in Costa Rica. It offers you affordable prices and the best tourist destinations in Costa Rica.

7 reasons to choose Interbus:

  • Comfort.
  • Safety.
  • More than 24 years serving the tourism industry in Costa Rica.
  • You can book your routes through the website.
  • The newest and most modern fleet on the market.
  • Reliable drivers.
  • More than 180 routes through Costa Rica.

Tour Costa Rica with Interbus and discover that all routes lead to paradise. Book your next destination now!

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