Costa Rica is well known for hostaging one of the largest biodiversity in the world. Therefore, nature lovers are constantly attracted by the natural treasures that the country keeps. Let’s see  5 of the most outstanding natural places in Costa Rica for nature lovers.

The Gandoca – Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge

The Gandoca – Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge is one of the most famous wetlands in the country, and is of international importance under the RAMSAR Convention, an organization created to keep track of the wetlands around the world. 

The mangroves that cover its waters are home to crocodiles, caimans, manatees and other less showy animals, but not least relevance, like the  mangrove oysters, a species of edible mollusk that is not cultivated here, unlike the rest of the country, but it is found in nature and adds diversity to the environment. 

You can take highway 32 and drive for over 125 miles from San José to reach the Refuge. On the way you can visit several beaches and camp nearby for a couple of days.

Ballena Marine National Park

Several beaches of wild beauty such as Playa Ballena, which has been awarded with a Blue Flag, a worldwide recognition for beaches that meet certain environmental, educational, security and accessibility criteria. 

Like many others in the country, the Marino Ballena National Park has a unique aquatic life. Daily underwater sightings of coral reefs, sea turtles, and dolphins make it the perfect spot for scuba diving and snorkeling. Ideal for those nature lovers who enjoy adventure.

Also, for several months, humpback whales from the other side of the world are spotted visiting this place to give birth.

You can reach this place by taking the Pacific Highway from San José after driving for over 2 hours. Or, you can take the Interamericana South Highway, which will allow you to visit the Quetzal National Park, our next recommendations for nature lovers.

Quetzal National Park

Costa Rica’s national parks are meant to preserve one of the world’s widest biodiversity. One of those national parks is Quetzales National Park, a place where ornithologists from all over the world come to see the mythical quetzal, a sacred bird for pre-Hispanic cultures difficult to spot in other places. In addition, the region is home to over 20% of the nationally recognized bird species.

The Interamericana South Highway will lead you to the Park, where you can take a walk by yourself or hire an expert to meet the right points for bird watching while learning about the historical importance of the birds and the flora of the Park.

Río Celeste, The Celeste River

There is an expression in Costa Rica that says: “When God finished painting the blue sky, he washed his brushes in the Celeste River.”  It is a beautiful alegorie for its colors, but such unusual coloration is due to the high concentration of aluminum and silicon in its waters.

This river is located in the Tenorio Volcano National Park and together with its two waterfalls, close to what is known as the Tenideros, they have been voted by Costa Ricans as one of the Seven Tourist Wonders of Costa Rica.

The Celeste River is perfect for nature lovers, there they can enjoy a sunny day, walk along its trekking roads, and explore its banks while enjoying the fauna of this corner of the world.

Even if you are a little more daring, you can hire excursions and activities to navigate the river.

Reaching it is not easy, you can visit it after a 100 miles drive from San José, but the entry road requires a 4WD transportation and the road ends in a point where you are going to have to embark on a walk. Don’t hesitate in asking for our 4WD available for rent.

Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica at Península Papagayo

If you are a nature lover who also likes to enjoy some luxury lifestyle while on vacation, the Four Season Resort Costa Rica at Península Papagayo is the perfect place for you.

The exuberant wildlife of the Papagayo Peninsula surrounds this exclusive Four Seasons resort, where good food and free time are the best ingredients to enjoy the Costa Rican Pura Vida lifestyle.

A team of nutritionists, guides and personal trainers will develop a personal experience tailored to the kind of travel you want to have: a stargazing dinner, a tour of the jungle and the volcano, a diving course, it is all available for those nature lovers who stay in the resort, and all of it has been certified with an Eco seal, which guarantees that the activities carried out there are friendly to the environment.

You can reach the resort after a 150 miles drive by the North Interamericana Highway. 

Each one of these options will satisfy any nature lover. It’s up to you which road you are taking. Come to Budget and get all the information to have a taylormade experience through nature.

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