While traveling abroad we usually have to make a lot of choices, especially regarding how we are going to move once in the destination. Once you decide that you are going to rent a car, another point shows up, what kind of car should I rent? Where should I rent it?

Luckily, if you are traveling to Costa Rica the answer is simple. You should get a car in Budget. 

There are many reasons to choose us as you car rental, let see for the main 5 reasons to choose Budget for your next trip to Costa Rica


When we say that if you choose Budget you choose comfort we mean it in many ways. Not only does our Toyota fleet offer a great diversity of high quality vehicule, we also offer a comfortable experience. You can hire our services in the airport, on an app, or personally in any of our locations. Plus, you can choose all kinds of services, from the most classic to the most luxurious. And last but not least, our client’s attention service will make sure that you are having an easy going process of renting.


Safety is our main concern. We know that while renting our cars, clients are trusting us with their life, therefore we take very seriously the conditions of each car of our fleet. We want you to have a clean and smooth drive, but we especially want you to have a safe trip. Therefore, our cars are inspected regularly, we comply with all legal requirements, we offer you all the information you need to know before hitting Costa Rica’s roads and we take care of every detail.

Diversity of Toyota Vehicles in our fleet

We have a fleet fully formed by Toyota Cars on its top versions. We have a car for every client that visits us. 

If you want to travel light, choose one of our Compact cars.

If you want a little more space, pick one of our Intermediate vehicles.

If you want a standard car with everything  a road trip needs, we have a Standard line.

Do you need extra space for all your equipment? Our Full Size cars are waiting for you.

If you like to travel with some extra excellency, our Luxury fleet is for you. But wait, if you want to be a premium user, you sure definitely take one of our Premium cars. These ones have everything the Luxury cars offer plus some extra services. 

Beyond this, you will be able to choose an automatic car or a manual, a 5 seat car or a 7 seat car, a car run on gasoline or on diesel, 4WD or a FWD, etc. You name it and we will make it happen for you. Learn everything you need to know about our fleeT in our homepage.

40 years of trajectory in Costa Rica

Budget is a worldwide recognised company that has been successfully received by Costa Rica and its tourists for over 4 decades. On the way we have earned the trust of the people of Costa Rica and its touristic industry. 

Numerous national and international awards and recognitions.

Through the years we have spent in Costa Rica we have been distinguished with many awards and recognitions in regards to our work ethics, our environmental compromise and our active labor on the country’s sustainability.

We are honored and committed to keep the good work with the responsibility it deserves.

When you are ready to make the choice, we will be waiting to help you get the best out of your experience in Costa Rica.

¡Pura Vida!

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