In Budget Car Rental we care for your comfort. That is why we carefully choose the cars we offer to you and, in that track, Toyota is our main ally. 

Budget fleet is made up of 6 Toyota cars. From the simplest to the most luxurious car, a high quality Toyota vehicle is available. If you are looking for a compact car, you can pick a Toyota Yaris manual or automatic. But, if you are needing something complete yet simple, you can choose a Toyota Corolla.

However, we know that sometimes you might like to have a more standard but bigger car. Then, the perfect choice is a Toyota Rush, which can be automatic or manual, but also 4×4. This car has space for seven people and is perfect for a family trip. Another choice for you is the Toyota Rav4.

That ain’t all, if you have very high standards we can also have your back. Our luxury fleet is available to suit your needs. The Toyota Fortuner is the perfect car for you then. 

With seven seats, space for two large luggages and two small ones, and available in automatic mode this car will stand out.

Finally, the best of the best is also available in Budget Car Rental. Our premium fleet has everything the Luxury fleet has to offer plus some special attention from Budget. If you choose a car from our premium fleet, you won’t have limits of mileage, you will have a diesel option and also the possibility of changing your reservations.

Whether you are traveling by yourself, with your family or friends, there will always be a perfect Toyota to help Budget make your dreams come true.

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