Costa Rica is a land full of natural and cultural treasures and if you get to drive across the country, you might like to visit some of them. 

Deciding to discover Costa Rica by car will give you an incredible amount of possibilities. And a country so rich has many different locations that you will probably like to see for yourselF. 

Therefore, the road splits here. Costa Rica is well known for its beaches and natural beauties. But the country also has a very interesting cultural side for the foreigners to meet.

Let’s see which road suits you best.

3 natural treasures to discover in Costa Rica.

  • The Arenal Volcano National Park

This National Park offers beautiful trekking tracks for those who like to be adventurous and get in the goods to be in touch first hand with nature. This forest has a lot of autochthonous flora and fauna. Plus, you can take horse riding trips, jump from bridges, or do some rafting. You can get there after a 3 hours drive from San José and you have some options to spend the night there.

  • Monteverde

Monteverde is a cloud-forest reserve. This place is perfect for bird observers, but also for anyone looking for a unique forest. There, you can also find a butterfly garden and an incredible view of both the Pacific and the Caribbean from the same point. You can reach Monteverde after 3 more hours of driving on the Carretera 142, from Arenal Volcano National Park.

  • Manuel Antonio

Three more hours of driving you will find Manuel Antonio. Manuel Antonio has a one of a kind scenario. There, the rainforest meets the sea. This is a quiet place with the most beautiful beaches. This is the X on the map for nature lovers. The real treasure lies here and you can’t miss it.

3 cultural treasures to discover in Costa Rica.

  • Tamarindo

Tamarindo is a multicultural little city located four hours away from San José. This is a perfect place to relax but also to brag about on social media. There, you will find an active surfers community, many bars at the beach, crystal clear water and white sand beaches to enjoy the best beach parties in Central America.

  • Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is another active little city. You can get there after 4 hours of driving south from Tamarindo. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to the weather if you are thinking of taking this road. Once there, you will find another kind of culture, the local and traditional one. This is a perfect place to get in touch with the real Costa Rica, it’s most traditional food and the real essence of Costa Rican culture.

  • San José

Finally we are back to San José, the Capital city. There you will find everything any cosmopolitan city has to offer. An active nightlife, many restaurants, museums, and even wildlife in the streets. Once there, you can’t forget to learn everything about Costa Rican famous coffee.

These roads are for you to pick the one that resonates with you, or even combine them. Either way you count on Budget to take the road and discover the treasures from Costa Rica.

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