A new year begins! Perhaps the spirits are still a bit low with the cold weather while we adapt to the routines of 2023. But we have an excellent option to change that: how about enjoying the summer in January? Come to Costa Rica and flip the energy!

So, what is it like to travel to Costa Rica in January? Let’s review some aspects. Let’s start with the weather.

How is the weather in Costa Rica in January?

If you travel to Costa Rica in January, you will enjoy the best season because it’s the time with the best weather. There is almost no rain and the days are sunny. Especially on the Pacific coast, you can surely enjoy a dry and sunny climate.

What days in January to choose to travel to Costa Rica?

Ringing to the new year in Costa Rica is an unforgettable experience, but spending the first weeks of the year there is also a spectacular experience. So basically you can choose the days you want.

However, here are some things to keep in mind:

After the new year celebrations, prices can drop considerably, especially on the beaches and attractions.

School holidays are until February so you may find quite a few families on the beaches. Especially on the beaches of the North Pacific and Central Pacific, since they are the favorites of the locals.

Where to travel in January in Costa Rica?

One of the most fascinating things about Costa Rica is its biodiversity. Despite being a small country, it is one of the 25 most diverse countries in the world. For this reason, one of our main recommendations is that you do a circuit throughout the country and the ideal time to do it is at the beginning of the year.

The climate is ideal for touring the entire Pacific coast and the central valley areas, even in the South Pacific, since it will be free of rain. An unmissable place is the Osa Peninsula.

You may find some rain in the Caribbean areas, but they are predictable, so you can plan your days with peace of mind. We recommend you visit Puerto Viejo, Manzanillo, and the Cahuita National Park. And if you like surfing, you cannot miss a beach called Salsa Brava.

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