Are you there thinking of giving yourself a last-minute getaway? Do you want to live an unforgettable experience during your final days off in January? Costa Rica is the ideal destination!

At Budget, we are happy that you are considering visiting our beautiful country, so here are 5 reasons to make up your mind and visit Costa Rica in January.

  • The Costa Rican summer begins, so you can turn around your beginning of the year and enjoy some beautiful sunny days on the warm sand of the Costa Rican beaches. 
  • The climate during the summer in Costa Rica is perfect and will allow you to travel the country from coast to coast.
  • You can enjoy all the activities you can think of because the weather is ideal. You can go surfing, hiking, snorkeling, rafting, diving, climbing, and much more!
  • The nature of Costa Rica is beautiful in January because the rainy season has just ended, so you can enjoy its natural spectacle in its maximum splendor.
  • There are places in Costa Rica that are not accessible during the rainy season, so January allows you to get to know them, such as the Monteverde cloud forest.

Don’t wait any longer and come and enjoy the best time to tour Costa Rica with Budget vehicles.

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At Budget we want to help you have the best vacation of your life!

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