A great partner comes with great experiences. And we believe that in order to have some great experiences you need a car that matches you and your partner’s vibes. As we matched your vibes, we want to help you make your trip an unique adventure, so here we have 4 ideal Budget vehicles to travel with your partner.

The economic, eco friendly and small option – Toyota Yaris

The perfect addition to your little romantic getaway is a comfortable car. The Toyota Yaris has a lot to offer if you are traveling on a budget. This car is an affordable option for couples that are looking to save money on transportation while traveling. It is a small vehicle that optimizes gas mileage, has space for 5 passengers, can be found in automatic or manual version and has space for 1 large suitcases plus 2 small suitcases, AC, and Radio. A perfect match to save on gas and discover the surroundings.

The intermediate option, economic and big. – Toyota Corolla

If you two are traveling on a pura vida style, you might like to save some money without sacrificing your comfort. In that case, the Toyota Corolla is the answer. This is a car small enough to drive in a crowded city. With a  1.8 cc motor, ment for 5 passengers, available in automatic and with plenty space for your luggage, this car may be the right choice for you. 

The one made for adventure lovers.  – Toyota Rush

Some people travel to relax, and some people travel to find new adventures in every corner. If you both are in the second group, this car is for you. The Toyota Rush is the ideal vehicle to drive to the mountains. Perfect for adventure trips, due to its vast space that allows it to carry 7 passengers, and a medium-sized trunk that provides comfort and security.  A 1.5 cc motor, available in automatic or manual versions, and equipped with AC, this car has the right vibe for those who seek for adventure.

The ultimate option – Toyota Prado

When you are traveling just with your partner, one might think you won’t need much space. But for those who like to travel comfortably, for a long time, with no much plan but letting the roads lead them, this car is the one up to those standards. The Toyota Prado is a Premium SUV with comfortable seats with room to load 2 large and 1 small suitcases. This is perfect for those who look for some luxurious features and extra space to carry some sporty equipment or camping implements. This SUV has a 3.4 cc engine, is Automatic, has AC, CD player and radio. The advantages of picking this car are infinite, if you want to live an experience of pleasure, power and style this vehicle is made of the best components, with a higher level of comfort, handling and cutting-edge technology. Don’t miss the opportunity of having the greatest trip with your partner.

Now that you get to know the ideal Budget vehicles to travel with your partner Do not hesitate to ask and to begin the ride of your life.

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