Costa Rica is a small country, with a population barely over 5M and most of them live in the biggest cities: San José, Heredia and Alajuela. If you want to know how real life is in Costa Rica, you should definitely visit these cities. have no fear of taking the road and visit all of them, you can travel between them in a little more than 3 hours.

Let’s see what you can do in each of these cities.

  • San José, the Capital City.

San José is the cultural, political and economic center of Costa Rica, and it is one of the cities with the best quality of life in Latin America. There, you can visit the main museums of the country:

  • The National Museum of Costa Rica
  • The Museum of Jade and Pre-Columbian Culture
  • The Central Bank Museum

Also, you can enjoy the traditional food Costa Rican in the many restaurants of the city.

You should try a good Gallo Pinto or a fresh ceviche sided by a classic guaro, a traditional beverage made out of sugar cane. Don’t miss these dishes!

And finally, if you like nature, you can visit the National Park Volcán Poás after a little drive.

  • Heredia, the City of Flowers, also known as the coffee capital of Costa Rica

While in Heredia you can’t miss a good coffee tour. Costa Rican coffee is worldwide famous for its delicate and fine aroma and most of it is produced in Heredia. So, if you are a coffee lover or just someone who enjoys a good cup of coffee you should definitely visit Heredia and learn all about the process of coffee growing.

Heredia is a religious city, a little conservative but still modern due to its proximity to San José and beyond the coffee tradition it is recognized by its picturesque view, crowded with colorful roses and its lush gardens.

  • Alajuela

Alajuela is a modern city grown around a pre-Columbian city. Nearby you can find a castle and, in the middle of the town, you can visit a few historical buildings and museums. Located in the vicinity of the Central Park is the Cathedral, the Juan Santamaría Cultural Historical Museum, the Alajuelense Center of Culture and the so-called Balconies Building. This is an historical city you shouldn’t miss if you want to learn about Costa Rica’s history.

Write your own story while discovering Costa Rica’s culture. Come to Budget and find the best vehicle for this adventure.

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