When we think of Christmas, we think about snowscapes, ice skating, wearing knitted sweaters, snowball fights, riding sleighs, building snowmen, and drinking hot chocolate… But what if we change the narrative and live a totally different Christmas?

Costa Rica is a small country in Central America that has a lot to offer. It’s a country with more than 120 volcanic sources, more than 600 beaches, and more than 30 national parks. In addition, the fauna of Costa Rica represents 4% of the total animal species worldwide, and 99% of its energy comes from renewable sources.

Imagine spending Christmas in this tropical paradise. And for that, we give you 3 reasons why choose Costa Rica to spend Christmas.

  • To enjoy typical food and traditions.

At Christmas, the Ticos prepare typical food and Christmas food.

The most traditional food is tamales. Tamales are made with cornmeal dough. They have different fillings, such as pork, rice, and olives, and are wrapped in banana leaves. This gives the dough its characteristic flavor.

A traditional drink is Rompope, made with eggs, vanilla, cinnamon, milk, sugar and alcohol. Very similar to eggnog.

Costa Rican families put up a Christmas tree and a nativity scene. On the 25th the baby Jesus leaves the gifts under the tree. The streets are also decorated.

December 31 is shared with the family, and there are several traditions to promote good luck in the new year that is beginning, such as eating 12 grapes.

  • Traditional festivals of San José.

Christmas in Costa Rica is marked by traditional festivities held in San José, the capital.

Those traditional festivals are:

Festival of Light. It’s celebrated the second or third week of December, and it’s a great party in the streets, with food, decorations, music, costumes and fireworks. It marks the beginning of the Christmas holidays.

Top horses. It’s celebrated on December 26 and consists of a fantastic parade of horses.

  • Live a different Christmas Eve.

For many cultures it’s important to celebrate December 24, and in Costa Rica you can live a different experience changing the climate and landscapes. Instead of a cold day in the snow, you can have a sunny day on the warm sand of the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica. We recommend Isla Tortuga, Manzanillo and Manuel Antonio.

Costa Ricans usually spend Christmas Eve with their family and enjoy traditional dishes: such as tamales.

Ticos also often attend the Midnight Mass. Popularly called “La Misa del Gallo” it’s the typical Catholic mass that is sponsored at midnight in churches to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Come to Costa Rica and live a different Christmas.

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