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Terms & Conditions

Prepaid rules

Cancellation and Missed Reservation Policy

Cancelling within 24 hours prior to the scheduled pickup time.

Cancelling up to 24 hours prior to scheduled pickup time

No show, or failure to meet the rental requirements

If the rental is picked up later, or returned early or if reservation length is shortened or reduced

Refund Amount

You will receive a refund of your prepaid amount, minus a $100.00 cancellation fee. If your prepaid amount is less than $100.00 no refund will be issued.

You will receive a refund of your prepaid amount, minus a $50.00 cancellation fee.

No refund will be issued.

No refund will be issued for unused time.

  • A refund request for a cancelled reservation or denied rental must be made at or by calling 506 2436-2000 8:00 AM-5:30 PM Mon-Fri; Local Time. Refund requests require providing the credit card number and expiration date, and refunds cannot be given at the counter. Refunds are credited back to your card within 5 to 10 business days.

Age Requirements

The minimum age required to rent a vehicle is 25 years. Customers aged between 21 and 25 must rent with our Underage Program. The cost is $ 50 per rent in both seasons. Drivers under 21 cannot rent. Maximum age allowed 80 years.

Method of payment

All rentals will require a deposit in the amount of the estimated total, plus an additional security deposit ranging 500.00 USD to 3,000.00 USD, depending on car category and protection options elected and declined at time of rental. TPP (Total Protection Package) is available.  If accepted, it will reduce the Security deposit required to 500.00 USD – 1,000.00 USD.

Customers choosing to decline the minimum coverage will require an additional credit card security deposit in the amount of 3,000.00 USD.  Customers electing the minimum coverage (SLI+RSN) accept ultimate financial responsibility towards the rented vehicle.

Budget in this country accepts Budget Charge Cards, American Express, Diners Club, Mastercard, Visa.  Note: Credit cards without numbers on the front of the card are not accepted in Costa Rica but not without name of owner.

For cards issued in Costa Rica

Remember that for credit cards in Costa Rica, the customer must take third party damage coverage (SLI). Debit cards are not accepted.

A gold, platinum, or superior credit card is required for cards issued in Costa Rica.

Driver’s License Requirements

Valid driver’s license country of residence and passport are required. International driving license is required only for countries with non-Roman alphabet. Rental must begin within 30 days of renter’s arrival to the country (after 90 days a license another country is not considered legal).

Travel Into Other Countries

Vehicles are not allowed to travel outside this country. Cars can be returned to other Budget locations within this country based on car availability. One-Way Fees vary according to distance between locations and depending on car group rented. One-way fees may also apply to any special equipment rented.

Optional Coverages

This coverage (LDW) is optional. The purchase of LDW eliminates the responsibility of the customer’s deductible towards the vehicle in case of damages. If rejected, the tenant will be responsible for the total cost of the car damage or if it is driven in violation of the rental agreement.
Budget Car Rental recommends the minimum protection of SLI. Any exceptions should be discussed directly at the location upon arrival.

Monthly rentals

For monthly rentals if the customer declines all coverages, they must leave $3000 of deposit.

Overdue fee $100 per day may apply

This fee applies if the customers does not call to extend the rent 24 hours in advance for high season.

Additional driver for people with disabilities

Customers with disabilities can also rent from Budget, if accompanied by an additional driver with a valid driver’s license. Minimum age restrictions and other additional requirements will apply.


Starting October 01st, 2021 VISA removed the car rental insurance benefit from all Gold and Platinum cards, a letter proving CDW coverage is required for VISA cards, if you are using a credit card issued in Costa Rica you must take SLI or LDW. For more information, please visit

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