Costa Rica is a beautiful, welcoming and safe country, making it an ideal place to travel with children. The country is full of exotic animals and adventurous landscapes; it is a natural playground to discover and enjoy with your family. 

The unique wildlife is found everywhere in Costa Rica; sonorous and colorful birds, playing monkeys, sleepy sloths, butterflies, spiders, and vipers are among the most common on land. And, on the beach, your kids can rejoice with the colorful fish and the fantastic turtles nesting. 

Discovering the welcoming and diverse Costa Rica

The country has a very well-organized tourism industry and great family hotels. If you choose to prepare your own meals, there are many supermarkets in the main towns. As Costa Rica prides itself on its tourism, restaurants have excellent hygiene standards. Tap water is safe to drink, except in remote rural areas.

Costa Rica can be considered the most child-friendly country in Central America due to its stable democracy, good education and healthcare systems. Even though Spanish is the official language, many Costa Ricans speak English. 

You can visit Costa Rica for as short as a week and enjoy its diverse beaches, forests and wildlife; you just have to be organized. One of the easiest ways to travel in the country is by using a rental car, be advised that roads are in varying states of repairs, so renting a 4WD is recommended. 

Ziplines and wildlife

Among the most popular places to visit are the Monteverde Cloud Forest, Arenal Volcano and Manuel Antonio National Park. 

In Arenal National Park you can go on a zipline, a sure rush for the whole family! The minimum height for ziplining is 1.2 m, but kids can also go tandem with an instructor. You can also choose to combine a walk in the elevated bridges, a gondola trip, and a ziplined adventure. 

Monteverde’s hanging brides are a great place to discover with the whole family, its bridges are short and even toddlers will be able to walk and discover the treetops and birds from this new vantage point. Ziplines are also available for the most adventurous ones in your group.

Manuel Antonio National Park is an excellent place to get acquainted with Costa Rica’s unique fauna. The park has many trails and viewpoints from which you can observe various monkeys, birds, lizards and crabs. It is also a great place to encounter a sloth. 

Beaches and sports

Tamarindo beach is an excellent spot for your kid’s surfing lessons; it has great waves and many bars and restaurants to choose. You can rent a board or hire an instructor. You also have the chance to hire a catamaran or go on a private ATV tour. 

If you decide to go on a catamaran trip, your kids will have the chance to see dolphins, turtles, or whales, depending on the season. It is also possible to enjoy a snorkeling stop at a quiet bay. 

You can also go on a kayaking tour with the family in one of the country’s tranquil rivers; here, you can also see some wildlife, including crocodiles, monkeys and iguanas.

Depending on the season, you could also organize a trip to see the nesting green sea turtles at Tortuguero Nationals Park.

Make your bookings, reserve your car and get ready to enjoy a unique family vacation in Costa Rica! 

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