It’s finally here! It’s time you all hop on the car, ready to hit the road towards your next adventure, and you get assigned one of the most important roles in any roadtrip ever: being the DJ. You have no idea what to play, maybe old rock will do? But is it the correct vibe? What if they are more into other genres? What will you play for the next two hours? 

We’ve got you! Whether you’re traveling with your squad or enjoying a romantic getaway with your special someone, we’ve got the perfect companion for your journey – an epic road trip playlist! Buckle up and get ready to groove to the beats of Costa Rica as we curate the ultimate playlist that will have you singing along and making memories that will last a lifetime. This curated list of Costa Rican artists is set to be your best companion on your roadtrip adventure. 

Introducing our top Costa Rican artists to accompany you on your trip to paradise, brought to you by Budget:  

  1. Editus: Editus is a renowned instrumental ensemble that combines elements of classical music, jazz, and Latin rhythms. Their captivating melodies and technical prowess have earned them international recognition and made them ambassadors of Costa Rican music.
  1. Malpaís: Malpaís is a folk-rock band that has become an icon in Costa Rican music. Their poetic lyrics and soulful soundscapes capture the essence of the country’s landscapes and cultural heritage, earning them a dedicated following both locally and abroad.
  1. Debi Nova: Debi Nova is a multi-talented singer-songwriter and producer known for her eclectic style that fuses pop, R&B, and Latin influences. With her powerful vocals and infectious energy, she has gained recognition on the international stage and collaborated with renowned artists.
  1. Manuel Obregón: Manuel Obregón is a highly regarded pianist, composer, and producer who has contributed significantly to the Costa Rican music scene. His compositions blend traditional Costa Rican elements with contemporary sounds, creating unique musical experiences.
  1. Sonámbulo Psicotropical: Sonámbulo Psicotropical is a vibrant band that blends traditional Afro-Caribbean rhythms, such as cumbia and calypso, with elements of rock, reggae, and funk. Their high-energy performances and infectious beats make them a favorite among music enthusiasts.
  1. Escats: Escats is a popular pop-rock band known for their melodic ballads and energetic performances. Their heartfelt lyrics and catchy tunes have garnered them a loyal fanbase and numerous awards throughout their career.
  1. Humberto Vargas: Humberto Vargas is a singer-songwriter recognized for his soulful voice and poignant lyrics. His music often explores themes of love, introspection, and social commentary, resonating with audiences on a deep emotional level.
  1. Inaudito: Inaudito is a dynamic band that fuses Latin rhythms, jazz, and rock, creating a unique and infectious sound. Their energetic performances and tight musicianship have made them one of the most exciting live acts in Costa Rica.
  1. Percance: Percance is a popular ska band known for their lively and upbeat performances. Their fusion of ska, reggae, and rock elements, along with their humorous lyrics, makes them a favorite among Costa Rican music lovers who love to dance and have a good time.

These Costa Rican musical artists represent the diverse and vibrant music scene of the country, showcasing the talent, creativity, and rich musical heritage of Costa Rica. 

From the moment you start your engine to the final stretch of your road trip, the right playlist can transform an ordinary drive into an extraordinary adventure. Costa Rica’s beauty combined with the lively beats of its music scene will create a symphony of memories that will stay with you long after you return home. Let the landscapes inspire you, the rhythm move you, and the music guide you on a journey like no other. And remember, the road trip playlist is just as important as the destination itself. 

(Plus, it wil be such a full circle moment when your friends ask you what artist they’re listening to and you reply with a ‘they’re from here, actually’ – mics will be dropped.)

We still have lots more coming, make sure to follow us on our social media channels for upcoming playlists and recommendations. Enjoy your road trip adventures and happy travels with Budget!

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