Costa Rica has always been a natural fit for romance and any easy place to get away from the daily routine and reconnect with yourself and the one you love.

Its beautiful landscapes, wonderful people, warm beaches, wildlife and birds, music, amazing food, and breathtaking sunsets will allow you to relax and lose yourself to romance.

Live the most romantic experience by taking morning walks down the beach, hiking and exploring the beautifull and diverse wildlife, taking romantic horseback rides with your love one or watching the sun going down on top of a waterfall.

If you are looking for something less adverturer, you can always spend a day laying in bed listening to the sound of the birds and waves or go out and interact with the friendly locals that always put a smile on your face and a sense of happiness in the air.

As you can see, ther’s a lot of exciting thing to do, that´s the beauty of being in such a lively and diverse environment. What are you waiting for? get your bags ready and expirience a romanting getaway in this amazing paradise of pura vida!

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