Costa Rica during Green Season as a solo traveller. The real dream. It is rainy season but it is also the most beautiful views of Central America. The Green Season, which typically runs from May to November, transforms Costa Rica into a vibrant paradise, waiting for you and your 15L backpack. This time of the year is characterized by occasional rain showers that breathe life into the country’s diverse ecosystems, making it a dream destination for those seeking adventure, solitude, and natural beauty. In this Budget Adventurer’s guide, we’ll delve into why solo travelers love Costa Rica during the Green Season and how you can make the most of your visit.

1. Embrace the Green Landscapes

During the Green Season, Costa Rica’s landscapes come alive. The rainforests are at their greenest and most vibrant, offering stunning scenery that is perfect for nature lovers and photographers.

  • Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve: Explore the mystical cloud forests of Monteverde, where dense fog creates an ethereal atmosphere. The greenery is incredibly lush during the Green Season, providing a unique experience compared to the dry months.
  • Arenal Volcano National Park: The rain enhances the beauty of Arenal Volcano and its surrounding areas. Hike through verdant trails, visit the La Fortuna Waterfall, and soak in the natural hot springs, which are particularly inviting during cooler, rainy weather.

2. Enjoy Fewer Crowds

One of the significant advantages of traveling during the Green Season is the reduced number of tourists. This means quieter attractions, less crowded beaches, and a more peaceful experience overall.

  • Manuel Antonio National Park: This popular park is much less crowded during the Green Season, allowing for a more intimate wildlife viewing experience. Spot monkeys, sloths, and exotic birds without the typical throngs of tourists.
  • Tortuguero National Park: Known for its incredible biodiversity, Tortuguero is a fantastic destination for solo travelers seeking tranquility. Take a serene boat tour through the canals and enjoy the solitude and beauty of the rainforests.

3. Benefit from Lower Prices

Traveling during the Green Season often means lower prices on accommodations, tours, and car rentals. Budget travelers can take advantage of significant savings without sacrificing the quality of their experience.

  • Accommodation Deals: Many hotels and resorts offer discounts during the Green Season. Look for special packages or extended stay discounts to make the most of your budget.
  • Car Rental Savings: Renting a car with Budget Car Rental Costa Rica during the Green Season can be more affordable. Take advantage of lower rates and explore the country at your own pace. Vehicles like the Toyota Rush and Toyota RAV4 are perfect for navigating Costa Rica’s diverse terrains.

4. Experience Unique Activities

The Green Season brings opportunities for activities that are not as accessible during the dry season. Solo travelers can immerse themselves in unique experiences that highlight the best of Costa Rica’s natural beauty.

  • Waterfall Chasing: With the increased rainfall, waterfalls are at their most spectacular. Visit spots like Nauyaca Waterfalls, Rio Celeste, and Llanos de Cortez for breathtaking views and refreshing swims.
  • White Water Rafting: The swollen rivers during the Green Season make for exhilarating white-water rafting adventures. Head to the Pacuare or Sarapiquí Rivers for a thrilling ride through pristine rainforests.

5. Enjoy the Wildlife

Costa Rica’s wildlife is abundant year-round, but the Green Season provides some unique opportunities for wildlife enthusiasts. The rain brings a resurgence of life, and the forests are teeming with activity.

  • Bird Watching: The Green Season is a prime time for birdwatching. With over 900 species of birds, including the resplendent quetzal and scarlet macaw, solo travelers can enjoy hours of peaceful birdwatching in places like Monteverde and Carara National Park.
  • Turtle Nesting: Visit Tortuguero or Ostional National Wildlife Refuge to witness the incredible sight of sea turtles nesting and hatching. This seasonal event is a highlight for nature lovers.

6. Tips for Solo Travelers in the Green Season

To make the most of your solo adventure in Costa Rica during the Green Season, consider these tips:

  • Pack Appropriately: Bring lightweight, quick-drying clothing, waterproof gear, and sturdy hiking boots. Don’t forget insect repellent and sunscreen.
  • Stay Flexible: The weather can be unpredictable, so keep your itinerary flexible. Be prepared for occasional rain showers, which often clear up quickly.
  • Rent a Reliable Vehicle: Navigating Costa Rica is easiest with a reliable rental car. Budget Car Rental Costa Rica offers well-maintained vehicles like the Toyota Rush and Toyota RAV4, perfect for solo travelers looking to explore off-the-beaten-path destinations.
  • Stay Connected: Ensure you have a local SIM card or an international plan for your phone. This will help you stay connected for navigation and emergency purposes.
  • Learn Basic Spanish: While many Costa Ricans speak English, knowing basic Spanish phrases can enhance your travel experience and help you connect with locals.

7. Safety and Convenience

Traveling solo in Costa Rica during the Green Season is safe and convenient, especially when you rent a car.

  • Freedom to Explore: Renting a car gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace. You can visit remote locations, change your plans on a whim, and avoid relying on public transportation schedules.
  • Safety First: Budget Car Rental Costa Rica ensures their vehicles are well-maintained and reliable. Having your own car means you can avoid crowded buses and taxis, reducing your exposure to potential safety risks.
  • Convenience: With a rental car, you can easily carry your luggage and gear, stop for breaks whenever you need, and have a comfortable, air-conditioned space to retreat to during heavy rain showers.


Costa Rica’s Green Season offers a unique and rewarding experience for solo travelers. With its green landscapes, fewer crowds, lower prices, and unique activities, it’s no wonder this season is a favorite among adventurous souls. Whether you’re chasing waterfalls, watching wildlife, or simply enjoying the tranquility, the Green Season is the perfect time to discover the true essence of Pura Vida.

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