Sometimes, it seems like you’ve done it all in Costa Rica, or it may feel like it for you at the moment. And after careful consideration, you have finally decided to stay at a five star hotel instead of the usual adventure – we get it! Who wouldn’t have to stay at an all-inclusive, world-renowned hotel. 

But then the question arises, should you rent a car nonetheless?

If you’re dreaming of a luxurious getaway in the lap of nature, Costa Rica offers an array of five-star hotels that cater to your every need. From serene beachfront resorts to lush rainforest retreats, these accommodations provide the perfect blend of comfort, sophistication, and natural beauty. While all-inclusive options may tempt you with their convenience, we’ve prepared this small guide of how renting a car can enhance your experience and help you explore the incredible surroundings of these sought-after hotels. 

Budget Costa Rica, spilling secrets once again!

Secrets Papagayo – Guanacaste’s Tropical Oasis:

Nestled in the breathtaking Papagayo Peninsula, Secrets Papagayo is a five-star adults-only resort that promises an indulgent and tranquil escape. Immerse yourself in the pristine white sand beaches, relish gourmet dining, and unwind in luxurious suites with private balconies. While the all-inclusive amenities cater to your every desire, renting a car allows you to venture beyond the resort and discover nearby attractions like Rincon de la Vieja National Park or the vibrant town of Tamarindo, where adventure and culture await.

Nayara Springs – A Rainforest Haven:

Nayara Springs offers an exquisite rainforest sanctuary in La Fortuna, at the foothills of the majestic Arenal Volcano. This luxurious boutique hotel boasts stunning villas with private plunge pools and impeccable service. While the resort provides a haven of relaxation, having a rental car opens up opportunities to explore nearby natural hot springs, take thrilling canopy tours, or venture into the wilderness of Arenal Volcano National Park for hiking and wildlife encounters.

Andaz Costa Rica Resort at Peninsula Papagayo – A Beach Lover’s Paradise:

For those seeking a blissful beachfront retreat, Andaz Costa Rica Resort at Peninsula Papagayo is the epitome of luxury. Set amidst lush tropical forests, this upscale resort offers stunning ocean views, infinity pools, and access to secluded beaches. While you can enjoy the resort’s world-class amenities, having a car allows you to visit nearby attractions such as Santa Rosa National Park or explore the vibrant local town of Liberia, known for its charming colonial architecture and vibrant marketplaces.

Hacienda AltaGracia – A Mountain Retreat:

Perched high in the mountains of Perez Zeledon, Hacienda AltaGracia provides a luxurious escape amidst Costa Rica’s stunning landscapes. This hacienda-style resort offers elegant suites, a spa, and an equestrian center. While the resort itself offers a serene atmosphere, renting a car allows you to discover the enchanting Cloud Forests of Monteverde or embark on an exhilarating waterfall adventure in the nearby Nauyaca Waterfalls. The freedom of a car rental ensures you can immerse yourself in the surrounding natural wonders.

Kura Design Villas – An Eco-Chic Oasis:

Nestled in the jungle of Uvita, Kura Design Villas is an eco-chic paradise for nature-loving adventurers seeking tranquility. With stunning ocean views, luxurious infinity pools, and contemporary villa accommodations, this boutique hotel provides the ultimate relaxation experience. Renting a car enables you to explore the nearby Marino Ballena National Park, known for its stunning marine biodiversity and pristine beaches. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the awe-inspiring sight of humpback whales during their migration season.

Elevating your experience sometimes is as simple as choosing freedom. Costa Rica’s five-star hotels offer a haven of relaxation and luxury, surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. While all-inclusive options provide convenience and indulgence, renting a car from Budget Car Rental Costa Rica allows you to explore the incredible surroundings these hotels are nestled in, surrounding which you’ll probably never be near again unless you decide to come back to the same hotel. From the stunning beaches of Guanacaste to the enchanting rainforests near La Fortuna and Uvita, your rental car becomes a key to unlocking hidden gems and thrilling adventures beyond the hotel’s boundaries. 

Sometimes, it’s as easy as asking at the front desk where to go, what’s to see, what’s to discover. So, book your stay at a five-star retreat, grab the keys to your rental car, and prepare to immerse yourself in the perfect balance of relaxation and exploration that Costa Rica has to offer. 

¡Pura vida and happy travels!

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